The new era of Global Services

In a context of economic, political and pandemic crisis, Global Services continues to be one of the most resilient and dynamic sectors globally. The research carried out, with more than seventy international leaders, focuses and projects the look into the future of one of the most important areas in modern economies. The result, through the confluence of the Triple-Win (technology, business models and human beings), allows us to identify the keys to the success of global service ventures in the future.

The invitation, for those who feel called to improve themselves, is to answer the question: how to make technology compatible with empathy? In other words, how to make technology so that you can perceive the emotions you might have through a hug?

Those who achieve it will be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos in the New Era of Global Services.


SPEAKER Javier Peña Capobianco

Javier has more than fifteen years of consulting experience in research, planning and implementation of strategies to promote global services in multilaterals, governments and business associations. He is a mentor and general secretary of the Latin American Association of Exporters of Services (ALES), an international organization made up of more than 30 public and private institutions from 17 countries. He is also a university professor, thesis tutor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay, and author of different publications such as "The New Era of Global Services" by Penguin Random House (2021). Javier has two Masters, an MBA and another in International Business Management; he also took a third in International Relations. Likewise, he has a Postgraduate degree in Economics and a Bachelor's degree in International Relations. Lastly, he has been recognized among the most influential executives in Nearshore Outsourcing (Nearshore Americas, USA, 2013) and won the award for best practice in promoting services exports (ITC, WTO-UNCTAD, Geneva, 2007).