News from the BATC Innovation Team

From BATC Innovation Team, we are working hard on the following activities:

- Development  of an Innovation Wall, where companies and professionals can write down their proposals, focused on a specific innovative topic or a specific innovation project, in the search for a partner to carry it out jointly, nationally or internationally, and also financing. Confidential, only visible to those interested.

- Advice on the management and monitoring of the Innovation project by the BATC Innovation Team. Confidential, only visible to those interested.

- Support with global benchmarks and search for global and national partners.

You can join us to co-create with us by adding your company to the BATC! You can easily register your company, and write to us at [email protected] to participate in the Innovation Team with proposals and projects in which you wish to work from your organizations.

To deepen the bases and methodologies that we take from the innovation team, we also share the Innovation Self-Assessment; Self-Assessment of Digital Transformation; and invitation to the Certification of Digital Transformation Evaluators.