¿Can a country be reconverted in 25 years?

Two of our professors from the University of San Andrés will speak about the challenges of Argentina in light of history and the experience of the countries that have achieved it.

SPEAKER Eduardo Zimmermann

University of San Andrés - National Academy of History

Argentina between 1880 and the First World War. A presentation on the institutional organization, the political order and the results in terms of economic growth and transformation of the Argentine social structure during the period. Different historical interpretations of the process and reflection on the conditions that may have resulted from it for the evolution of the country in subsequent decades.
Name of Speaker

José María Fanelli

University of San Andres - CONICET

As countries develop and reach middle-income levels, they often face significant difficulties in moving forward and joining the club of high-income economies. In the literature, there is even talk of the "middle income trap." Why have some countries, like Korea or Japan, managed to overcome the trap and others, like Brazil or Mexico, not? In the presentation we will refer to the institutional, technological, structural change and demographic aspects that affect the process and that may be useful to think about the challenges of growth in Argentina. Argentina is a singular case: it reached the middle income trap starting from the club of the richest.